Willing eyes and mind…..

During my morning coffee break, I read about an idea for urban living in Milan which will pilot a ‘15 minute city’. The idea is that either by foot or bike, home, education, healthcare, and entertainment will all be accessed -within a quarter of an hour. Multi-purpose buildings, mini parks, pop-up galleries and markets added to provide variety. The hope is that the quality of people’s lives will improve,materially and ecologically.

What about spiritually? Isn’t the real agent for changing patterns of daily life for the better acknowledging the precious gift of God-given time itself-so that personal prayer and reflection inspire us as the agents of social change. The article mentioned that the proposed experimental city is the same one Saint Charles Borromeo led to recovery after a plague in the 1570s. He said then that the key was that Christ himself stepped in-using us as his willing eyes and mind, hands and feet.

Fr Peter Conley