Bite-size Stations of the Cross

I. Jesus is condemned to death

Pilate could not persuade the Jews
To let dear Jesus go, to choose
The way of life, continuing breath,
And so He was condemned to death.
Dear Lord, forgive your Chosen Race,
That they may greet you, face to face.

II. Jesus receives the cross

Now burdened with his weighty cross,
Jibes and insults people toss,
His hours of life are numbered now,
Crown of thorns, disfigured brow.
Dear Jesus, we commend to you,
All who suffer, as You do.

III. Jesus falls for the first time

Falling down and stumbling on,
All trace of energy is gone.
What torment must He undergo,
His love for all mankind to show?
Help us, dear Lord, forgive us all,
When under weight of sin we fall.

IV. Jesus meets His Mother

Sweet Mary, Mother of Our Lord,
Her heart was pierced by sorrow’s sword.
She meets her Son on Calvary’s way,
There were no words for her to say.
Dear Jesus, help us to recall
Your Mother’s anguish, felt for all.

V. Simon helps Jesus to carry His cross

Simon of Cyrene came,
Helped the Lord, to ease His pain,
Shared the weight of wooden load,
Love towards him Jesus showed.
Teach us, Lord, to share the load
Of those we meet along life’s road.

VI. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Veronica, she wiped His face,
His image on the towel did place.
She showed such love and cared so much,
Brought comfort with her gentle touch.
Bless those, dear Lord, who show such care,
To sick and suffering everywhere.

VII. Jesus falls for the second time

A second fall, down to the ground,
Despite the courage He had found.
Exhausted, coping with the pain
That from His body life blood drained.
Give us, Lord, the grace, we pray
To bear our troubles every day.

VIII. Women of Jerusalem mourn for Our Lord

The women came and mourned for Him,
Beat their breasts, weeping, grim.
“Do not weep for me,” He said,
“But for yourselves and babes instead.”
Dear Jesus, help us show such care
To unloved children everywhere.

IX. Jesus falls for the third time

He falls a third time, no strength left,
All muscles torn, all zeal bereft.
No sympathy, no pity shown,
Antipathy and hate have grown.
Lord, grant us pardon for our sin,
Let our trust in You begin.

X. Jesus is stripped of His garments

Soldiers strip Him of His clothes,
Avarice among them grows.
All dignity for Him has gone,
His bitter passion lingers on.
Forgive us, Lord, for our greed,
Help us share with those in need.

XI. Jesus is nailed to the cross

At Golgotha they crucified
Our dear, sweet Lord, who loudly cried:
“Forgive them Father, they don’t see
Why they are doing this to me.”
Teach us, Lord, to thus forgive
All those who hurt us as we live.

XII. Jesus dies on the cross

His life is ended, God forsaken,
All our sins with Him has taken.
Mary at the cross is weeping,
For her Son her vigil keeping.
Lord Jesus, help us to be brave,
We pray that You our souls will save.

XIII. Jesus is taken down from the cross

Evening came, without a sound,
Our Lord was gently taken down.
Joseph of Arimathea came,
Wrapped His body, cruelly slain.
Come, Lord Jesus, hold our hand,
Help us all to understand.

XIV. Jesus is laid in the tomb

In the tomb Our Lord was laid.
Every debt for us He paid.
To close the door a stone was rolled,
Jesus was left, alone and cold.
Lord, so earnestly we pray,
Help us grow in faith today.

Written by Margaret Worsley,
Parishioner, St Patrick’s Church, Coventry and used with permission.