Welcome From Fr Peter

Dear Parishioners,

Welcome to our website. It gives us a great opportunity to stay in contact with each other as we strive to be ‘living Gospels’. May we continue to be kindly lights of faith, hope and love to our family, friends and other people. Accompanying  Fr Bob and yourselves has been a privilege and joy. Inspired by memories of his Christ-like example, we journey forward – praying for him as he does for us, eternally.

St John Fisher had a love of learning, holiness of life and faithfulness to his conscience and the teachings of the Church. His life and teaching influenced St John Henry Newman who was canonized in 2019. St John Fisher became a Saint in 1935. You will find quotations taken from their writings in the Help To Pray section of this site.

I am mindful that not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to the internet. I would be grateful if you could share key information from this website especially it’s newsletters with any parishioners you know who are in this position. Telephone support for everyone is vital-especially in the present challenging circumstances. We all need encouragement throughout our lives and making and receiving calls helps to sustain us. You can stay in contact with me via the Presbytery phone (02476 443459) and by dialing the New Parish Mobile number (07908817344). Be assured of my prayers. I thank you for yours and I remember you and your loved ones at daily mass, privately. Let us rely on the promise of Jesus “ I am with you always yes to the end of time”. And, the comfort of St Paul “Nothing can separate us from the love of God whether we are troubled or worried”.

My blessings to you,

Fr Peter Conley – Supply Priest