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We are trying to put together a history of St John Fisher Parish and would like to collate personal memories, stories and/or photos to be shared in a display, on a website and possibly in a booklet.

You can share your memory by adding a comment below. You can also upload a picture to go alongside the memory. All comments will be moderated before publication on this website. By submitting a comment you are consenting to share your memory on this website and your contact information (name and email) with the group working on the parish history and understand that the information will be stored electronically and that the memory that you have shared, your name and any photographs shared may also be published elsewhere.

4 Replies to “Share your memories here”

  1. Brendan Hoare

    I remember attending mass in the school assembly hall before the church had been built. I had a place at the school at the time, perhaps around the late 1950s. The hall was full every Sunday, with fully occupied standing room at the back.

  2. Chris

    Cath & Rob Freeman married 30/8/1997. By Fr Bob and Fr Michael. Cath has been in the parish for over 70 years has lots of happy memories

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